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The EPX Core Values define who we are and what we stand for.
It’s critical that everyone in our ecosystem share these values. Please review them and confirm your agreement.

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Live an Interesting Life

We can never recover the passing of time. So we pledge to live a life of great friendships and grand adventure. Our time is now.

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Experiences over things

no one has infinite income. We will spend ours on things that make us happy; on things that become part of who we are and will always be.

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Help First.  Help Often.

We can’t wait to another member’s story.  We constantly listen for how our skills or network can accelerate someone else’s success.

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Happiness Above All

Happiness is more important than money.  It feeds our emotional independence and makes us a better friend, parent, partner and leader.

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Radical self reliance

We are responsible for our own logistics, problem resolution and happiness. We can NEVER lose control or negatively affect another member’s experience.

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If accepted you will be part of a very exclusive community!

  • A member who swam the Atlantic Ocean and now the Pacific
  • A professional race car driver
  • Olympic gold medalists
  • F-16 pilots, drone pilots, wingsuit pilots, space shuttle pilots
  • A member who sailed the world alone for 8 years
  • A professional tennis player
  • A member who holds the human record for walks in space
  • The youngest American to summit all 7 mountains
  • Many successful entrepreneurs, some also in EO, YPO, Summit and more!
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i.      Congratulations for taking the first step in accelerating success and maxing out life with an EPX membership.

ii.      A membership with EPX is transformational in all aspects of your life. We’re hip. We’re fun. We’re adventurous. And we’re a family in every sense of the word.

iii.      Please take a final moment to share some further information with us. If approved, the next stage of the process will entail professional strengths and social preferences.

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