Zero G Space Flight

Zero G Space Flight

Experience zero-gravity in a uniquely personal way. Our newest zero-g adventure takes place at the Aurora Aerospace Training Center in St Petersburg, Florida.
Experience the incredible sensation of floating in space!
When you book a space adventure aboard Aurora Aerospace’s Rockwell Commander, it’s just you, your pilot and your weightless coach. You don’t have to share floating space with anyone else.

Train in simulated “zero-g” by flying a series of parabolic flight maneuvers in the Rockwell Commander 700 that counter the forces of gravity.

You decide when to fly. You pick the launch date. As long as the pilot is available, you can experience the weightlessness of space on your terms. Float on a Tuesday. Float on your birthday. Go weightless over Florida in the month of your choosing. There’s no need to join a regularly scheduled flight and wait to see if the required minimum number of seats are sold before confirming your Florida vacation. This is your personal zero-gravity space flight training program.

Parabolic maneuver for zero-g
The zero-gravity of space is simulated by flying a series of parabolic flight maneuvers that counter the forces of gravity and allow the astronauts and cosmonauts to learn how to accomplish tasks with no gravity. Think of an airplane, flying up and over a hill. At the top of the hill, just as the plane starts its flight path back toward earth, gravity seems to disappear and everything inside the plane starts to float.

The duration of weightlessness during each parabolic maneuver is approximately 10 seconds in the Aurora Aerospace training aircraft. A typical zero-g flight consists of approximately 10 parabolas, giving you roughly two minutes of total weightlessness during each personal zero g training flight.

Your personalized “Zero Gravity” experience will start with a 1/3 “Mars” gravity maneuver followed by a 1/6 “Moon” gravity maneuver and then transition into the excitement of complete weightlessness.

FAA regulations require space adventurers to be strapped into seats during take-off and landing, but once airborne, you’re free to fly, float and somersault about the cabin. It’s an incredible space adventure for half the cost of a traditional zero-gravity flight.

Location:The Aurora Aerospace Flight Center is conveniently located at St Pete-Clearwater (PIE) International Airport in Florida. The airport is a short drive away from Tampa International Airport (TPA), and less than two hours away by car from Orlando (ORL).



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