The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

“One of the most powerful and important ceremonies anywhere. “

12/08/2016 - 12/11/2016

The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

Sit among royalty, esteemed government representatives, and other specially invited guests at The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo, Norway this December. Bask in the presence of greatness, of men and women changing the world.

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in a solemn ceremony in the Oslo City Hall on December 10. Seated on the podium are the Laureate, the Nobel Committee and its permanent secretary. Maintaining a tradition that goes back to 1905, the ceremony is attended by members of the Royal Family. The rows of seats behind the Royal Family are occupied by representatives of the Government, the Storting, the Corps Diplomatique and other specially invited guests.

In Oslo, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates receive their Nobel Peace Prize from the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in the presence of King Harald V of Norway. An important part is the presentation of the Nobel Lectures by the Nobel Laureates. In Stockholm, the lectures are presented days before the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. In Oslo, the Nobel Laureates deliver their lectures during the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony.

Be part of a century old tradition that has recognized the world best peace supporters: Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, and MLK just to name a few.

And to get a real Norwegian experience… Enjoy an day of dog-sledding before and an evening out in Oslo.

Join us on this once in lifetime opportunity to watch history in the making! 

Interested parties must be reviewed and approved by Nobel Ceremony officials.

** Accommodations not included


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Trip Coordinator

Shanna Dickerson

Trip Duration

4 Days / 3 Nights

Start Location

Oslo, Norway

End Location

Oslo, Norway

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