Skydive onto the North Pole

Skydive onto the North Pole

A place so remote, it doesn’t have a time zone.

Skydive onto the North Pole. Spend a night at Ice Camp Barneo.

Our EPX extreme skydiving adventure takes place at the top of the world

The North Pole isn’t for tourists. It’s a place for explorers. Only about 200 people visit the North Pole each year and half are military. Many of the remaining who visit are scientists, studying the ice caps that may someday cease to exist.

Your North Pole Skydive Adventure includes:

  • Tandem & Solo Jumps with the Everest Skydive Team
  • Travel to the land of polar bears and reindeer
  • Experience breathtaking views from the sky of the icy terrain below
  • Join a team of elite adventurers
  • Visit an arctic research facility and meet the intrepid scientists
  • Stand on the North Pole and journey around the world in a single minute
  • Dare to dive into an Ice Hole
  • Experience 24 hour daylight.
    Cost: $77,000 for tandem jumpers $37,000 for solo jumpers

Our North Pole Skydiving Adventure begins and ends in Norway.
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Oslo, Norway

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