The Incredible Ring Road | Iceland

08/19/2021 - 08/24/2021

The Incredible Ring Road | Iceland

Get ready to have your minds blown! Join fellow X’ers as we drive the famous ring road! Perhaps you’ve driven the Pacific Coast Highway in California or mountain roads in the Alps.  Well get your driving gloves on, my friend because you are about to get your mind blown driving a lap around the incredible country of Iceland.  No hotels on this one – we’re in RVs or camping in tents (on’t worry – there’s hot shower camps along the way!)

Iceland’s natural landscape is one of a kind on planet earth and up there with any land mass from any country.  On this multi-day drive you will:

  • Drive through giant valleys with ultra steep mountains rising from the sea
  • Walk black sand beaches recently forged by active volcanic activity
  • Sleep in a glass dome under the northern lights and one of the most clear skies on planet earth
  • Rest in a flowing hot river warmed by natural geo thermal patterns in the earth
  • Kayak an iceberg lagoon at the base of a giant moving glacier
  • Swim natural hot lagoons with aqua blue waters as turquoise as you can possibly imagine
  • Wander along beaches with shore-side icebergs melting in the summer sun
  • Experience some of the biggest waterfalls on earth – every 30-45 minutes – they are legendary
  • Maybe even snorkle across the North American / European plates where they meet!

And the best part?  Roll the windows down and turn the music up. We’re winding through roads where every horizon points blows you away – valley, 10 story rock croppings extending from the sea, glacier, volcano, iceberg and plenty of wild sheep!

It is a driver’s paradise.  So beautiful.  So free. Explore Iceland the best way we know how, with a loose schedule of epic activities and plenty of ability to go off the beaten path.

We start and end in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik amongst incredible dining, nightlife and we head out to let the adventure fly.  The people are incredible.  The landscape is incredible.

This one is about the open road.  About nature.  About freedom.

There are a limited number of spots on this one so reserve a spot today! This is going to be awe-inspiring and unbelievably beautiful.

Let’s do this!!

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Trip Duration

6 Days / 5 Nights

Start Location

Reykjavík, Iceland

End Location

Reykjavík, Iceland

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