Odyssey through Ancient Greece

“An odyssey for the ages. Olympus. Spartans. Oracles and sailing through Greek Islands. “

06/04/2019 - 06/10/2019

Odyssey through Ancient Greece

Seriously, X’ers!  Get ready for one of the most epic journeys of the year.  A real life Greek Odyssey through nature, culture and history!

It’s hard to pack more experience into an experience than this but this one takes place on land and sea.  Yes my friends… land and sea!

This isn’t your momma’s Greek trip on-line.  This is the real deal with costumes, back-stage passes and fun!

Check it:

  • Day One (Land): We begin in Athens VIP.  Acropolis. Parthenon. Herodion theater.  And an amazing dinner and incredible night out!


  • Day Two (Land):  From here, we travel to Delphi where the Oracle gives us a glimpse of our super bright future.  Another ceremony unlike anything you have seen before.  Seen the movie “300”?   Get ready to battle on the same spot where the Spartans held off the Persians.


  • Day Three (Land):  We summit mount Olympus where we high five Zeus himself and retreat to an ancient Greek dinner in costume (expect some Ouzo!)


  • Day Four & Five (Water):  We chill on sexy catamaran sailing toward a magical island with chalk-white buildings, incredible white sand beaches and crystal clear waters and… another EPX tribe crushing a Greek Kiting Adventure!


  • Day Six (Island):  This day we hang with fellow X’ers and Greek entrepreneurs who have been on their own EPX Kite Adventure.  We’ll have a couple of inspirational talks, a day of kiting and beach and then a rad beachside party all night.


  • Day Seven (Air):  On the last day, we fly back to Athens to depart home.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to really *experience* ancient Greece.  And we do like X’ers with costumes, music, land and sea!

Make it happen, my friends!  Make this one happen!

** In Greece accommodations and transportation included

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Trip Coordinator


George Koutitas

Trip Duration

7 Days / 6 Nights

Start Location

Athens, Greece

End Location

Athens, Greece

Trip Themes

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