A Star Wars Viking Adventure (Norway)

Star Wars parties. Dog Sledding.  Snow kiting.  Mountain Trains.  Fjord-Hopping.  What??!

04/07/2018 - 04/11/2018

A Star Wars Viking Adventure (Norway)

Welcome to one of the coolest placees on the planet: Norway!

How do we know this is so rad?  Why thank you for asking. We’ve done it before with our fellow MaiTai brothers and sisters a year or so ago and we’re about to do it again.

Viking parties. Dog Sledding.  Snow kiting. Northern Lights.  Mountain Trains.  Fjord-Hopping.

Best of all?? We’re going to have a Star Wars theme party with our XTC friends where they filmed the battle on the Ice Planet Hoth!

What?  Come on!

Do you really want to miss this?

  • April 7:
    • An evening out in Oslo
    • Official Welcome Night, Extreme Tech Challenge 2018/19
    • LAUNCH PARTY at Folk Oslo
  • April 8:
    • A morning train ride through some of the most beautiful snow covered landscapes you have ever seen.  Mountains, frozen lakes, canyons.
    • Arrive in Finse (home of Ice Planet Hoth)
    • Afternoon snow kiting, dog sledding & other fun snow activities
    • Great dinner, drinks & networking
  • April 9:
    • Snow Activities in and around Finse, Tech Talks & Party
    • A full afternoon of snow-kiting lessons, cross country skiing or snow shoeing.  Even a snow mobile or two!
    • Party Theme: Star Wars at the same hotel where the cast stayed in the 80’s
  • April 10:
    • Snow Activities until we depart for a scenic boat ride through the majestic Norwegian fjords
    • One of the most picturesque boat rides on planet earth cruising through the Fjords.  Translated for other X’er humans, imagine filling up the Swiss Alps basin with some water.  Magnificent!
    • Farewell dinner and night out in Bergen before flying home!
  • April 11 – fly out

Easy to get to.  Super cool.  Supreme winter adventure.  Star Wars.

And, if we’re lucky… EPX Members Rolf Assev will show you this amazing flaming whiskey shot to the forehead move, Awsa Bergstrom will sing and we’ll be charmed by the wonderful Martine Kveim!  And you’ll meet a ton of our friends at XTC.

Let us answer our own question – HELL NO you don’t want to miss this.

Reserve for this one now!


PS.  Xtreme Tech Challenge is a business competition competing for investment ultimately ending up at CES and Necker Island.

** EPX fee includes accommodations, dinners, transportation, XTC fees, surprises

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Trip Coordinator

Sunshine Woodyard

Trip Duration

5 Days / 4 Nights

Start Location

Norway Capital AS, Havreveien, Oslo, Norway

End Location

Bergen, Norway

Trip Themes

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