The Nicaraguan Expedition

“Witness the unmatched natural beauty of Nicaragua.”

12/06/2017 - 12/10/2017

The Nicaraguan Expedition

Welcome to the land of the lost!

Well not completely lost – we know where Nicaragua is but few have explored one of the most raw, natural countries in the world.  Be part of the ultimate escape.

We’re taking over a massive beachfront house in a community where the jungle meets the water and you can learn to surf from top instructors, watch incredible sunsets and simply relax, and enjoy drinks at a private, sandy, Nicaraguan paradise.

Did you know that the country has its own Great Lake?  And in the middle is an island with two massive volcanos – Omepete.  We’re going to take an old ferry to the island and climb one of them – through the jungle with amazing vistas, wildlife and a guide.

We’ll visit a land where local cowboys walk their herd of cows through city streets, explore jungle reserves by horseback, and chill under spectacular setting skies.

We’ll also end up in a small town full of international surfers, party goers and ex-patriots where we can cut loose!

Truly one of the most interesting expeditions in the EPX arsenal. This one has a bit of everything.  A real life frontier.

** accommodations included

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Trip Coordinator

Shanna Dickerson

Trip Duration

5 Days / 4 Nights

Start Location

Ometepe Island, Rivas Department, Nicaragua

End Location

Managua, Managua Department, Nicaragua

Trip Themes

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