Kiteboard Brazilian Desert Lagoons

09/13/2018 - 09/17/2018

Kiteboard Brazilian Desert Lagoons

You want rad?  We’re teaming up with Susi Mai to deliver a mega kiting experience!  In the desert lagoons of Brazil!


For 6 weeks during the year, the pools in this huge sand desert fill with water, making it perfect for kiting. There are endless flat water lagoons and perfectly constant trade winds.


The first 3 days you will be doing a massive downwinder along the northern coast of Brazil, hitting incredible beaches and literally kiting as many hours a day as you can handle. Our support vehicles will follow along the way and we’re going to be adventuring, staying in a different town each night until we get to the big desert where we will spend the last 3 days of the trip kiting through the dunes and laying down tracks across the desert with our GPS devices.


We will stay in Pousadas (local hotels) and little private houses in the village by the edge of the desert. Accommodation is by no means luxurious but the basics are covered such as hot water and mosquito nets!


To make sure we are completely stoked, we are bringing a chef to help our western pallets safely navigate the local cuisine. All meals will be designed to give you good clean energy to keep your body in top shape for those long rides. Local superfoods such as Guarana, Acai, and Tapioca will be on the daily menu.

We will also have fresh Caipirinhas and cold Beers available to unwind 😉

If you’re an expert or beginner, this is the perfect place to jump your skills up a notch or two so let’s get after it!

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Trip Coordinator

Sunshine Woodyard

Trip Duration

5 Days / 4 Nights

Start Location

Pousada dos Ventos - Caminho Cinco, Valença - State of Bahia, Brazil

End Location

Pousada dos Ventos - Caminho Cinco, Valença - State of Bahia, Brazil

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