El Rancho Numero Dos

12/09/2021 - 12/12/2021

El Rancho Numero Dos

OMG!! It all started in December when 30 of us went to Joshua Tree and absolutely CRUSHED a Burning Man-like weekend.  And then, we stepped it up in the Mojave desert at the Ranch with mountains the color of rainbows!

Well, my friends… let’s go round two at the Ranch!  And this time, we’ll grow the squad attending a bit and deliver a totally different experience.

Let us remind you…Rainbow Canyons. Ancient Forests. Dusty Lake beds.  And Ridiculous Summit Views.  But guess what?  We’re using a different part of the land this time for a totally different experience!

Best of all a less than 2 hours from LA and 2 hours from Vegas.  So pretty much EVERYONE can fly in, rent an inexpensive RV with some pals and roll on out!

We’ll have more starry skies, musical performances, super rad DJs and sound, wondrous decor and some surprises here and there.

More details will come together shortly but here is what we can tell you:

  • This is SUPER Organic – just like the early days.
  • This will also be SUPER COVID locked in one more time – proof of negative result or vaccine, social distancing, masks.  It was easy last two times and we’ll execute again.
  • Come in Thursday (6th) + and leave Sunday (9th)
  • You’ll arrange for an RV with pals from LA (2 hours), Palm Springs (1.5 hours), Ontario Airport (1.25 hours) or Las Vegas (2 hours).  RV rental 30 minutes from land!
  • We’ll have live music, DJs, sunset and sunrise sets + some cool ambiance in each location
  • We’ll have some evening drinks and snacks here and there but bring your meals so make a run to grocery store
  • We’ll have costume themes – burner style
    • Thursday Night – TBD – crowdsourced
    • Friday Night – Space Cowboy/Cowgirl
    • Saturday Night – White & Light
    • Sunday Night –  decompression, early night (optional)

We’ll be parking RVs in a new area on BLM land within walking distance of private land where the evening festivities will occur.  Within a short ATV drive of this location are rainbow colored mountains, ancient giant Joshua Trees, Burning-man like lakes, black mountains and a lot more.  It is an outdoor lover’s dream!

For those with an adventurous spirit, we’ll find some places you can rent ATVs and explore some of the diverse and incredible natural landscapes within 10 miles of camp!

And because this is a very Burner-like event… we’ll abide by some of the BM principals – 1) radical self-reliance (arrange your own transport, food, water) and 2) Leave no Trace (not only will we pick up every thread and transport out our garbage, we have plans to leave nature better than when we arrived).

So dust off some gear, perhaps your unicorn onesie and let’s have a safe and wondrous time under more starry skies!  Together.

Members purchase tickets here.   You are welcome to invite up to two people each as your guests and they can purchase via paypal (send to pkirchoff@epxworldwide.com = paypal).


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Trip Coordinator


Trip Duration

4 Days / 3 Nights

Start Location

Rainbow-Basin, Barstow, CA 92311, USA

End Location

Rainbow-Basin, Barstow, CA 92311, USA

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