Drive Tanks. Crush Cars.

Drive Tanks. Crush Cars.

Who doesn’t want to drive a tank?
Start with a test of your tank driving skills in the 16 ton FV-433 Abbot. After a quick tour and instructional briefing, you’ll climb inside the British Abbot for your first of three tank driving sessions. The Abbot’s 105mm gun barrel will point the way for you as you complete the introductory driving course. The tanker’s hatch will be open, giving you an excellent view of your surroundings and your mission.

(Don’t worry. You won’t be alone. Your instructor will ride along, coaching you.)

Next, you’ll take your seat inside an armored personnel carrier to see what it takes to drive a tank in a “combat” type situation. Attempt to navigate the speedy FV432 APC through the course with the driver’s hatch closed, using nothing more than the periscope to navigate, just like a seasoned tanker in enemy territory.

You’ll finish by driving the Chieftain Battle Tank – Over a Car! Now comes the ultimate fun. Crush a car in the 60 ton Chieftain. That’s right… drive over cars…on purpose!

Come on!  Do it!!




Missouri, USA

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