Dive a Real Pirate Treasure

Dive a Real Pirate Treasure

This will guarantee bragging rights in your circle of friends! Get ready to dive the only verified pirate ship in the world! And guess what? There’s treasure below!

In 1717 the Whydha went down on a stormy night leaving 54 ships worth of treasure buried below. That’s right! The Whydha was captained by the number one pirate of all time, “Black” Sam Bellamy who had used this ship to rob 54 other ships carrying treasure from many different countries. For the past 20 years, world famous underwater archeologists and fellow EPX members Barry and Brandon Clifford have been carefully bringing up treasure.

Thousands of Spanish 8×8 coins minted in Peru, Spain and more. The largest collection of African gold. Many cannons, cufflinks and even, yes, human bones. It is one of the greatest finds in the history of man.

Not only will you spend time on the treasure but you will also get a personal tour from Barry at his Whydah museum as well as his warehouse where thousands of artifacts wait to be identified and cataloged. It is amazing!

Spend 2 nights (included) in the oldest American city – Provincetown, MA. It’s gorgeous New England living and a throwback to when American was first formed.

But then there’s the treasure.  What will you find?  Last year, X’ers found real coins, parts of guns and much more.  It was incredible.

Everything you need is included (except food and drinks and transport to Provincetown – just a quick drive from Boston).

  • Arrive BOS before 1 pm, we’ll bring a car in to get everyone
  • Welcome dinner with Barry Clifford and Dive Team
  • After hours Tour of Museum
  • Morning breakfast and discussion of XPLR Coin
  • AM & PM – two groups alternate
  • Whydha Dives
  • Historic Provincetown sites
  • Early evening – tour of private artifact warehouse
  • Dinner and Drinks
  • Breakfast
  • Transport to BOS included, flights after 2 pm
  • * Bad ass accommodations included

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Provincetown, MA, USA

Questions? Contact EPX Support here

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