Cirque Du Blanc White Party @ SXSW

“Nerds, Celebrities and More Attend the Most Epic SXSW Party!”

03/10/2019 - 03/11/2019

Cirque Du Blanc White Party @ SXSW

This is it.  This is and has been the greatest SXSW party over the last few years and it is about to be bigger!

You asked for one easy event for everyone in EPX to come and meet each other and this is it.  The big one where you can meet the most amount of X’ers and enjoy thought leaders, BBQ, sunshine and a vibrant city buzzing with SXSW.

Welcome to Cirque Du Blanc!  It will be the most amazing experiential party @ SXSW!  And it is ours!  Produced by EPX entrepreneurs!

For the last few years, the EPX crew has thrown the most amazing white parties in mansions and even on water and land in single event. Last year we were voted one of the best parties at SXSW. This year, we taking it up five levels and crushing it full speed.

Cirque Du Blanc is not a show or a musical act. It’s not another yawner corporate party with suits shaking hands. This is something you experience. A spectacle. Cirque Du Blanc is a bonafide mashup of a futuristic circus + Burning Man + a little Wolf of Wall Street. Ok, a lot of Wolf of Wall Street!

Set in one of the most unique venues in the middle of SXSW on 6th street, we fire up a double level venue with multiple bars and bone crushing bass coming from one of the strongest sound systems around. This night we honor the spirit of the circus, dressed in white with an eye to the future. Experience bad ass tech, mind-blowing performers, and some of the best DJ’s on the planet.

Come enjoy wave after wave of Holy !@#$ with a smile that will last for days. The crowd will become part of the performance as the music shakes the planet. It will be the most remarkable party at SXSW and it will sell out.

So lock in your tickets. Bad ass music. Bad ass performance. And an experience you’ll talk about forever.  Don’t miss it!

** accommodations not included – please start looking to make arrangements as early as possible.  Lots of hotels and airbnb options now.


Note: Member Tickets:

All EPX Member Tickets are SuperVIP!  Please note that public costs on these are $250 and limited.  Guests will need to purchase their tickets at the link below.

Note:  Guest Tickets:

Please provide any guests with the following link to purchase their tickets:

Party Facebook Group – please help us invite more of your network there!


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Trip Coordinator

Sunshine Woodyard

Trip Duration

2 Days / 1 Nights

Start Location

Austin, TX, United States

End Location

Austin, TX, United States

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