Spark an Idea

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Let’s Start the Next Unicorn!

EPX is about authentic connection and opportunity. And you know we love starting new ventures!  We all need help to take an idea and grow it into a successful company  – different skills, connections, etc.

So use this page to create that spark by sharing a business idea you have or an early project underway that could attract the interest co-founders, advisors, board members or EPX friends that will give you feedback. We’ll send out a notice and find you the partners you deserve!

All answers are to be brief. When fellow members connect, you can go deeper, sign NDAs, etc. The more specific you are, the better.  Let it fly, my friend.  Let it fly!

Once you submit, the EPX Spark system will notify everyone with applicable skills and/or business model experience. It will be up to them to connect with you. Your submission will also be listed in their ignite list. Good luck!