The horsepower that makes up the EPX community is second to none. These are the movers and shakers. The thought leaders. The best of the best. They are explorers, adventurers and some of the sharpest business minds on the planet.

  • A professional race car driver
  • A member who swam the Atlantic/Pacific ocean
  • A member who sailed the world alone for 8 years
  • Members leading international movements to inspire more female entrepreneurs
  • A member of the House of Lords
  • The youngest American to summit all 7 mountains
  • Top neuro, spine, kidney and stem cell surgeons on the planet
  • F-16 pilots, drone pilots, wingsuit pilots, space shuttle pilots
  • Venture Capitalists and Humanitarians
  • Several billionaires
  • A professional race car driver and tennis player
  • Many successful entrepreneurs, some also in EO, YPO, Summit and more!
  • A person who holds the human record for walks in space

These are the people who will inspire you, open doors for you and help you drive more business success. Most importantly, they’ll become some of your best friends, maxing out the greatest experiences this planet has to offer.

Do you have what it takes to join this elite community?

PS. Your business, your freedom and your spirit of adventure will thank you.