YES. Membership is extremely exclusive and considered only through a member invite or formal application.

The quality of our members is the highest priority. We are committed to ensuring that every new addition is well-balanced, social, pleasant, and meets a minimum level of business stage/success.

Membership fees are a couple hundred dollars per quarter. The business and personal value our members receive far outweigh this nominal investment. A single relationship, intro or tactic can dramatically accelerate your personal happiness and business success. We invite you to learn more about the business value this amazing community delivers.

We’ve been told to tell you to consult a tax expert but know you will be surrounded by business peers talking about business and teaching each other bad ass business tactics from their diverse business experiences.  🙂  Learn more about the incredible business value of being an EPX member.

There is an enormous amount of expense required to research, vet and project manage these amazing experiences as well as to deliver content that can significantly strengthen your business and personal freedom. Our staff and extended resources are covered with these fees as well as continual software platform advancements and member management/benefits. All fees from the community are for the benefit of the community.

Group trips have an “excursion” fee. This fee covers third party costs specific to that adventure. You will always know these in advance of committing to a trip. EPX is known for it’s unforgettable, in-trip social experiences and these fees help cover those for all participating members.

Not at this time. One premise of membership is radical self-reliance. Each member handles their own transportation and lodging unless explicitly included in the adventure (private planes, yachts, etc.). There will always be a detailed social itinerary provided by the EPX trip coordinator well in advance of each expedition as well as constant communication and coordination before, during and after each adventure.

Consideration and approval happen quickly but each member candidate must provide basic information about their business, professional strengths and social personality – all web-based and easy to complete.

The most powerful business relationships come from personal connections. This is the only business community that provides the environment for such powerful personal and professional connections because of the time you have with peers and the memories you will share for the rest of your life. Members of this community know they are expected to help each other when their skills or connections apply. Between trips you will have access to incredibly valuable, business acceleration content and even private online groups where you can ask for help, share wins or knowledge, and keep your relationships strong.  Learn more about the incredible business value of being an EPX member.

EPX is a community centered around the spirit of adventure and maxing out the greatest experiences on the planet. Some of these are magical group expeditions while others are gatherings where we can blow off steam and have some fun. Others are regional dinners and excursions. And some extend into things you can do to live a more interesting life every day of the week. To Live An Interesting Life – what else is there?