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Experiential Networking for Achievers

Nothing accelerates deep friendships and faster success than experiencing something amazing with peers you admire. EPX hand selects a range of the planet’s most incredible experiences and the members vote for which ones take place. When enough say “yes”, we make it happen.

Upcoming EPX Experiences

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British Special Forces Experience
United Kingdom
The Monaco Grand Prix
Machu Picchu & the Inca Trail
Raising Arizona. A LOT.
Lake Powell

Believe It

X’ers Continue to Push the Envelope

EPX members are relentless in pressing the horizon around the world’s greatest experiences in regional meetups, evening events, weekend adventures and true expeditions alike. It’s a simple formula. Explore. Dance. Smile. Repeat. Are you ready to experience the planet with some of the world’s sharpest minds?

EPX Takeover | Burning Man 2.0
Pharaohs and the Sphinx
Helicopter Mount Everest
Trek Across the Sahara
EPX Event: Rage in a Cave (SF)
Napa Valley
EPX Annual White Party @ SXSW
Austin, Texas
EPX Island
US Grand Prix
Austin, Texas
EPX Event: Gangsters on a Ship
Newport Beach
EPX Takeover: Tulum
SXSW Launch Party
Austin, Texas
EPX Takeover | Burning Man
Driving Tanks
Shooting Zombies
A Gatsby Evening
New York City
Takeover: Crushing Las Vegas
Las Vegas
The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony
Oslo, Norway

“There’s nothing like this. Every member is growing their social and business network and experiencing life at levels they weren’t before. It’s priceless.”

Blake Menefee


“If you’re a player in EO, YPO, Landmark, Tiger21 or any other business network, you HAVE to be part of this group. This group is smart, fun and the experiences are unforgettable.”

Tonya Lanthier


“There’s magic on every trip – the intersection between the location, the experience and the caliber of people. Indispensable in life and business. And so much FUN.”

Michael Nowotarski