Raising Capital from HNW Individuals

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X'er Ed Wood, brings board member and expert Sheila Chesney to an interview about raising capital from High Net Worth Individuals. She has raised over $80M in this manner and discusses the method to the madness for success. She covers their psyche, deal structures, how she gets meetings and a lot more. The questions from fellow X'ers are great! Incredibly valuable if you are raising funds for your business!

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Ed Wood is the President & CEO at Dispersive Networks, Inc., a B2B business in the Technology industry with 50-100 employees.

A bit more about me, World traveling super-geek business executive who now runs one of the most bad-ass tech companies that will transform the Internet into a secure and reliable communication platform for critical infrastructure. Prior to Dispersive Networks, I was a Managing Director with Accenture as their CTO for the Communications Industry. Now I have the dream role with all the love and support from my amazingly cool wife and 5 kiddies. Born in Spain, lived and traveled throughout my life. Away from the business, i love to travel, landscape photography, downtime at home with my family & friends, and my annual pilgrimage to the desert ;-). We live in Buckhead Atlanta!.

A brief description about my business, We deliver the most secure, the most resilient, and highest performing programmable network for mission critical applications and are currently focused on securing critical infrastructure industry sectors such as fed, mil/gov, power, and financial services. We are running a major sales pursuit now to secure all critical communications for the NA grid. At the end of the day, by being able to securely connect geographically diverse locations, cloud applications, IIoT, and edge compute applications over any IP network, our technology is a catalyst for digital transformation..

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