Navigation formula from A to B

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Want exponential results? Understand the Power Curve! Understand the Law of Accelerating Returns! And then, just like a pilot that needs to get form point A to point B, apply the navigation formula to stay ahead of all of it. A great reminder to us all!

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Dru Babcock

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Dru Babcock is the Coach and Owner at Power Curve Coaching/ Power Curve Properties, a B2B business in the Aerospace industry with 1-10 employees.

A bit more about me, The purpose of my life is to Live, to Love one another, to awaken + evolve and to master myself! I'm doing this through being a family man. I am happily married with three children. I have a passion for education, training, personal/ spiritual development, aviation, all board sports on the water and snow; I added kites in the last few years and I\'m addicted! I have been doing a lot of mud runs (Tough Mudders and Spartan races, et al) the last few seasons. Its keeping my health/ fitness standards at their best as I earn my years! I love to give a hand up to people who want to grow, and I'm willing to let go of my ego and accept a hand up from time to time..

A brief description about my business, I'm a business coach; I help tech-entrepreneurs get off the runway. And I do this by getting you connected with your investors! I believe that success is 80%+ Your psychology and only 20% strategy and mechanics. I'm an expert in peak-performance psychology. I scale my business through a mastermind program (high level selective support group) in which we do leadership and mission development. The finale of our three month programs culminate with a destination trip on which we meet and have maximum fun and adventure. An example of one of our adventures is a snow kiting trip to Utah's Skyline Ridge, with investors and pro-athletes, as well as other tech-entrepreneurs. We have done a trip to the North shore of O'ahu for an adult summer camp for entrepreneurs. You get connected with people whom would like to support your progress. Here is a link to my book on Amazon. Its really a fancy brochure with a lot of value delivered: Free PDF: By the Way, I am also a luxury Realtor in San Francisco; if you have any questions about SF real estate or the market, please ask me!

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Business Strategy

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Creating Differentiation

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Strategy over Operations

Ideas over Plans

Data over Intuition

Flexibility over Control

Accuracy over Speed