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LinkedIn Marketing Session: LinkedIn Engagement Marketing (2 of 3) Another incredible session by superstar X'er and LinkedIn all-star Joshua Lee.  So many amazing tactics shared. Watch the first and then watch this one and then send Joshua a giant thank you!  :)

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Joshua B Lee is the Founder at StandOut Authority, a B2B business in the Consulting industry with 1-10 employees.

A bit more about me, Entrepreneur / Speaker / Author/ Consultant / Father As the author of Balance is Bullsh*t, I offer clarity, mindfulness, innovation and humor to my readers, clients and social media audiences. I believe that work-life balance is a myth. We do not have two separate lives just as we do not have two different personalities. As a father of two, having an integrated life based on vision, relationships, health and business, has allowed me to achieve my dreams. Lets Connect! --> email: -->phone: 512-337-9656.

A brief description about my business, StandOut Authority helps B2B companies and professionals reach the 90% of buyers that can't be accessed through traditional outreach. We help to identify and connect you with your target audience, how to efficiently create a pipeline of prospects and how to prioritize their professional profiles, relationships and daily behavior within the digital marketing environment. We provide digital sales strategies, tactics, and tools, including personal branding, social selling training, and content for sales. Our mission is simple. ✔ To guide you to align marketing and sales for maximum effectiveness ✔ To equip you with the mindset needed to engage online, ✔ To provide you the skill set needed to win in the digital economy ✔ To provide the right toolset to navigate the digital sales ecosystem StandOut Authority exists to enable you to achieve explosive revenue growth through coaching conversations with leaders and their teams. We help identify practical steps towards achieving your companies goals, and showcase the effectiveness of LinkedIn through measurable SSI and proven results. For your speaker, social selling or consulting engagements Lets Connect! --> email: -->phone: 512-337-9656 -->Skype: jlee455..

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