Masters | Conversion Marketing

Length: 01:09:35

What an incredible virtual meetup - conversion marketing is everything!  This incredible session from X'er superstar Digital Marketing Agency CEO and his experts in conversion marketing literally cover so many tactics and tools and tricks - any one of them could drive more sales or leads for your business. Take a moment to consume this but get your note pad out - it is going to be valuable for a long long time!

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Eric Berman is the CEO at Brandetize, a B2C business in the Consumer Products industry with 10-50 employees.

A bit more about me, Been told that I definitely fit the mold of a work hard/play hard guy. On the biz side, i am more of an operational/organized CEO - people know they can rely on my to get the job done and I have very high integrity from those that know me. Bottom line, I can be counted on. Same goes on the friendship/fun side- i am typically the one at the center of the party/travel planning and the group typically waits for me to make things happen! I travel as often as I can and shoot for 2 new places/year. Turning 45 tomorrow and single - never married, no kids...

A brief description about my business, We are a full service, performance-based, digital agency. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the world by partnering with brands and personalities to help them monetize their business..

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Building Culture, Digital Marketing

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Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Bulding Branding, Scalling Operations, Hiring, Creating Differentiation, Business Strategy

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Strategy over Operations

Ideas over Plans

Data over Intuition

Flexibility over Control

Accuracy over Speed