MASTERS | Build, Grow & Flip – Exit for Bank

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The finale to an incredible 5 part series by Super e-commerce bad ass CEO Greg Vogel who has shown us how to bud these niche sites for passive income and then sell them for a large amount. This is session is about selling them for bank. If you don’t like that, you need to rethink your future! :)

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Greg Vogel is the CEO at Kingdom Purpose LLC, a B2C business in the Consulting industry with 10-50 employees.

A bit more about me, Serial entrepreneur, happily married to woman of my dreams, father of 9 kids, speed enthusiast, and musician..

A brief description about my business, I am a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. We buy/build, scale and then sell Internet companies. We have opportunities for private clients to partner up on some of these projects..

I'm an expert in:

Marketing, Sales, Raising Money, Business Strategy, Digital Marketing

I can also help you with:

Product Development, IT, Building Branding, Managing Sales Teams, Hiring, Creating Differentiation

I prefer:

Strategy over Operations

Ideas over Plans

Data over Intuition

Flexibility over Control

Accuracy over Speed