Goal Driven Wall Squat

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Now this is unique - who else is giving their Vault video while doing a wall squat? Only Alessandra! But while she's doing that, she's showing you how to use it as a way to press your physical limit to improve concentration and affirmation of the things that will drive you to perform at the highest possible level for the next day, week, month, quarter and beyond. Five deep breaths will never have the same meaning to you again! This is great stuff!!

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Alessandra Sollberger is the Founder & CEO at Evermore, a B2C business in the Health industry with 1-10 employees.

A bit more about me, Adventurer by nature, hustler by choice. Into sci-fi and all sports on a board.

A brief description about my business, We're an end-to-end brand in personalized nutrition. We're all about empowering people to have more energy to achieve their goals - in a bespoke, convenient and digitally native way. Our products include natural supplements with full traceability. Each of our lines supports a cause that relates to where our ingredients are sourced & farmed.

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