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No matter the stage of your business, you are probably going 1/2 speed and 5x the cost of where you could be. Why? There is another gear in outsourcing - a strategy to evolve your enterprise in a big way. And we're covering it here. You know who has been pushing the edge of edge of outsourcing literally everything and mastering how to manage it. So listen up, learn, evolve and enjoy these nuggets of wisdom from many X'ers near and far. This is huge for your business and your future success.

Member since: October 05, 2016

Paul Kirchoff is the CEO at EPX Worldwide Inc., a B2B business in the Travel industry with 10-50 employees.

A bit more about me, I am a hard charging serial entrepreneur in tech and a super adventurer across the planet. More importantly, I am devoted to guarding Mother Nature, improving humanity and staying happy!.

A brief description about my business, EPX is a private community of bad ass entrepreneurs who will teach and help each other accelerate business success and travel the globe together to max out the spirit of adventure!.

I'm an expert in:

Product Development, Marketing, Bulding Branding, Building Culture, Creating Differentiation, Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, International Economics

I can also help you with:

Human Resources, Sales, Hiring

I prefer:

Strategy over Operations

Ideas over Plans

Data over Intuition

Flexibility over Control

Accuracy over Speed