Creating Your Story From Scratch

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Every one of us and our business has a story and that story may be the emotional tie that binds your employees and customers at an emotional level. Unless you don’t know how to find or articulate it. Learn from one of your peers who has helped major success stories find their story so that it can permeate every aspect of your brand.

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Lyn Graft is the Founder at Storytelling for Entrepreneurs, a B2B business in the Media & Broadcasting industry with 1-10 employees.

A bit more about me, I am a producer, entrepreneur and storyteller. I’ve spent the last 13 years filming over 500 entrepreneurs including the founders of Starbucks, Whole Foods, LinkedIn, Zappos, Trader Joes, Paul Mitchell, Playboy, Baby Einstein and Tom’s Shoes. I have produced over 700 videos including CNBC’s first primetime TV series ‘American Made’, 200 videos for Dell Corporation, 35 videos for the Microsoft and 25 videos for SXSW in addition to videos for clients such as Nestle/Sweet Leaf Tea, Razorfish and Entrepreneur Magazine. I serve on Advisory boards for the Dell Center for Entrepreneurs, Empowering a Billion Women and SXSW Interactive. I was an electrical engineer for a few years out of college before I quit to teach snow skiing and live in my car for 2 years checking out grad schools. And I love honking at cows on road trips..

A brief description about my business, Storytelling for Entrepreneurs is an online resource that helps entrepreneurs create, tell and leverage their stories to launch and grow their businesses. Over the last 13 years we had been filming some of the successful entrepreneurs on the planet immersing ourselves in the art and science of entrepreneurial storytelling and learning from the best of the best what constitutes a great story. In that time, we have been filmed over 500 entrepreneurs including the founders of Whole Foods, LinkedIn, Zappos, The USA Network, Trader Joes, Paul Mitchell, Playboy, Baby Einstein, Clear Channel, Craigslist, BET Television, The Knot and Tom’s Shoes. Previously we created content for primetime TV shows, business television cable networks, online leadership video series, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneur magazines, startup conferences and business owner organizations. We have produced over 700 videos including CNBC’s first primetime TV series ‘American Made’, 200 videos for Dell Corporation, 150 for President Obama Technology Innovation Campaign, 35 videos for the Microsoft, 25 videos for SXSW Interactive, 60 videos for Nestle/Sweet Leaf Tea and 30 videos for RISE Global and 2 for Entrepreneur Magazine. I have founded 8 companies and have raised over $10.0M in venture funding. I have produced, directed and/or executed over 100 promotional events and has written over 60 business plans. My marketing and PR efforts have received coverage in Fast Company, Fortune Small Business, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, USA Today, Software Success Weekly, Ad Week and INC Magazine..

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Strategy over Operations

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