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Nadav just has this incredible way of starting with the stuff that everyone skips over and it is VALUABLE! It's systematic and starts with how you view sales, how you feel about it, your fears, what you want and from that POV, you can start to organize and systemitize that function so it runs with people that can crush it while you spend time on your best and highest use! It is brilliant. The discussion was so good, we're going to repeat with more people since we ALL need to strengthen sales!

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Nadav Wilf is the Chief Lifestylist at Lifestyle Perfected, a B2B business in the Consulting industry with 1-10 employees.

A bit more about me, Love life and traveling. Been living around the world for the past 3 years..

A brief description about my business, Lifestyle Perfected is dedicated to empowering company founders and their teams to feel good as a basis for performance We focus in the 5 key areas of life: // Wealth and Business // Physical Health // Mental and Spiritual Health // Relationships // Purpose We've created a highly effective methodology comprised of 3 aspects: Realize: Realizing how you want to feel and what your vision is Believe: Understanding the limiting beliefs that are impacting you, stand on your empowering beliefs and create new empowering beliefs that you can build upon Integrate: Utilizing executive management tools to implement the learnings and shifts into daily life.

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Sales, Hiring, Building Culture, Raising Money

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Human Resources, Customer Service, Accounting / Finance, Scaling Operations, Managing Sales Teams, Creating Differentiation, Business Strategy

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Strategy over Operations

Ideas over Plans

Data over Intuition

Flexibility over Control

Accuracy over Speed