Bold authors Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler wrote the New York Times bestseller Abundance, and Bold is their follow-up book that guides entrepreneurs to go big, create wealth, and impact the world. Large and established companies are like today’s dinosaurs–big and inflexible. As with the extinction of the dinosaurs, the survivors of industry disruption will be the small, nimble organizations open to new technology and ideas. Disrupt yourself or be disrupted. Check out our summary, linked in Dropbox below.

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Sunshine Chapman is the Partner at The Sunshine Gals, a B2B business in the Marketing industry with 1-10 employees.

A bit more about me, Social Media Pro | Content Marketer | Foodie | Connector | Public Speaker | Travel Writer| Optimist.

A brief description about my business, The Sunshine Gals is a pro team of seasoned digital marketers. We have a proven record of success in advertising, web design, social media, and email marketing. We help hotel, resort and vacation rental clients to leverage their brand stories by combining them with promotions, resulting in direct bookings..

I'm an expert in:

Marketing, Bulding Branding, Building Culture, Creating Differentiation, Business Strategy, Digital Marketing

I can also help you with:

Human Resources, Hiring

I prefer:

Strategy over Operations

Ideas over Plans

Data over Intuition

Flexibility over Control

Accuracy over Speed