What this is & Why it matters

EPX is a group of powerful entrepreneurs dedicated to business success and the spirit of adventure. This group is highly selective. And because of that, this community understands its power to teach, inspire and create new business opportunities for each other. And we do.

Need a specific connection for your business? You’ll get that here. How about finding members with the expert skills your business needs most? EPX is as much about accelerating business success as it is about building relationships through experiential networking. And we built technology to enable it.

Perhaps it’s that one contact you make or a door opened for you. Perhaps it’s a single tactic learned that brings more customers or helps you organize your company for faster success. Any individual EPX element has the power to drive a massive ROI for your business. Fast.

A ROI for your business & your life

01. Mentor Match

Select the skills your business needs help with the most and our software connects you with EPX member experts.

02. War Room

Our private Facebook group is active in connections, business help and building a strong business and social network.

03. The Vault

Member generated video lessons, top business book summaries and more. Everyone contributes something valuable each year.

04. Regional Meetups

Various cities holding member meetups to discuss business and socialize. Virtual ones too!

05. EPX Marketplace

Your business gets maximum visibility in front of other members to drive business deals.

06. EPX Perks

Crowdsourced community perks for business and personal use.

07. Deal Flow

Constant opportunities to partner, invest and advise growing companies in our community.

08.Expert Interviews

Breaking down future trends like Blockchain, Crypto, AI and Virtual Reality.

Superstars Worldwide

EPX is a global phenomenon with a growing membership around the world. EPX members hail from Australia, Nepal, India, Qatar, Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico and beyond!

This is where the achievers network and explore the world. Where powerful friendships form and business deals happen. This is EPX.

United States
Rest of World

Accelerating Success

Business Deal After Business Deal

EPX is not just about experiences. We’re on a mission to connect you to your peers who can help drive your business forward. And deals are happening every single week.

Lauren Lipcon

Real estate and digital marketing partnerships

Barry Clifford

Strategy and Business Development partnership

Joby Weeks

Crypto Currency Mining partnerships

Claudia Batchelor

Entertainment company partnership

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