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Full service global production company. Film, TV and commercials. Specialized in travel and adventure programming.

Swing for the Fence LLC

Joby Ogwyn

Consulting Industry

Full Sail FInancial creates high yield passive income investments all secured by real estate.

Full Sail Financial

Anderson Charles

Real Estate Industry

To solve for the critical issues that exist in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle space, and to address the $110 billion aerial based Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Inspection and Monitoring services market, Kraus Aerospace provides its portfolio of three complementary offerings:1)Perpetual flight/Persistent (non-stop) airborne fixed-wing UAV's and High Altitude Pseudo Satellites...

Kraus Aerospace, Inc.

Fatema Hamdani

Accommodations Industry

My name is Kevin Popović and I'm the Idea Guy®, helping people create new ideas and solve problems through speaking, workshops, training and consulting. I serve as a fractional Chief Strategy Officer to help companies implement creativity and innovation.

The Idea Guy®

Kevin Popovic

Consulting Industry

NachoNacho offers businesses the ability to consolidate and manage all their subscriptions (software, content, education, etc.) in one account. Using NachoNacho, businesses can keep track of which subscriptions they have across the whole company, and allocate spending budgets per employee and per subscription. They can easily cancel any subscriptions...


Sanjay Goel

Financial Services Industry

Freedom Propane is a physical commodities trading house, launched during the early stages of the Mexican energy deregulation. We focus on delivering propane, butane and other natural gas liquids (and mixes) to customers in Mexico, as well as parts of the Midwest and Northeast USA.

Freedom Propane LLC

Vladimir Groysman

Energy Industry

THE LIDO BIKINI is fashion-forward, sexy but classy; while maintaining a seamless fit and comfortable feel. Every suit is made with quality materials and unique embellishments symbolic of my inspirational journey.THE LIDO COSTUME is custom made by the client's vision using quality materials and inspiration from unique experiences; Burning...


Brooke Ulrich

Fashion Industry

Helping individuals reverse the negative effects of the modern diet through nutritional therapy. “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” — Hippocrates

Wholestically You

Manya Guerami

Health Industry

Addressing nutrition from a holistic perspective and reconnecting people to healing foods and vibrant health.

Wholisically You

Manya Guerami

Health Industry

Tree3 enables owners and operators of websites, apps and social media platforms (“Communities”) a risk-free option to efficiently and effectively monetize their existing web traffic and loyal followers through a patented proprietary platform that relies on Robotic Process Automation to accomplish thousands of tasks in a few seconds. ...

Tree3, Inc.

Jerry Mooty

Technology Industry

We specialize in turning ideas into tech such as apps and web applications. We also are exclusive headhunters with a number of clients for high level tech positions. We are also writing a movie script and we are developing our own music company Audiochase that has a blockchain payment...

Baird Tech

Baird David

Technology Industry

Science in the Wild is an adventure citizen science company that specializes in getting people out on extraordinary experiences around the world. We focus on immersive trips and experiential learning, enhancing trekking and climbing experiences by involving team members in scientific research, conservation efforts, and general education about the...

Science in the Wild

Ulyana Horodyskyj

Education Industry

Alpine Expeditions is a mountain guiding outfitter dedicated to giving you the most enjoyable experience. Our emphasis is on safety, the best quality services, and the best prices, all with very personalized attention. We guide expeditions to mountains in Colorado and other mountain ranges in the USA, Mexico, the Andes,...

Alpine Expeditions

Ricardo Pena

Entertainment & Recreation Industry

F45 Training is a team-based, functional training facility that places a huge emphasis on the 'three key factors' of motivation, innovation and results. At F45 (the F stands for functional), no program is ever repeated, making every workout a unique experience. The workouts are paired with music that...

F45 Training Cedar Park

Kristy Devericks

Health Industry

Vortex Immersion Media (VIM) is one of the world’s leading designers of live 360 "community VR" entertainment experiences including: concerts, stage shows and corporate events featuring surround audio and video, spectacular visual effects and real-time interactivity. Over the past 10 years VIM’s creative design, production and engineering team, under...

Vortex Immersion Media

Mark Laisure

Entertainment & Recreation Industry

Our vision is to create a profitable ecosystem for the music industry using emerging technologies and sound business practices.


Bastiaan den Braber

Music Industry

LUMO Labs is an international, intimate, two-year venture building program focused on startups with emerging technologies applied for social impact.


Bastiaan den Braber

Financial Services Industry

We are telecom, entertainment, and tech executives providing growth focused advisory services to traditional and emerging technology and immersive content companies. We deploy the same knowledge, skills, experience, and networks to eradicate poaching from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Zambezi Partners

Bastiaan den Braber

Consulting Industry

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