The EPX BUSINESS Advantage

EPX is a group of powerful entrepreneurs dedicated to business success and the spirit of adventure. This group is selective. It is elite. And because of this, this community understands its power to teach, inspire and create new business opportunities for each other. And we do.

Want to learn how to operationally transform your business to enable more freedom to explore? You’ll get that too. Ways to monitor and manage on the run. Financial moves that fund your travel. Even the use of technology and services that save time, money and allow you to level-up on lifestyle.

As a member in EPX, you’ll receive massive business value:

EPX Connect

Direct access to successful peers who have agreed to help you in business where their strengths apply

EPX War Room

A private social group where you can post asks for assistance or any other items of business value

EPX Vault

A valuable set of member-powered tactics that strengthens your business and delivers more time for the spirit of adventure

EPXtra Perks

Community-driven member perks for you and your business. Unique and meaningful.

EPX Regional

Killer member-only dinner and drink events in different cities around the US in between epic adventures.

Perhaps it’s that one contact you make...

Or a door opened for your business. Perhaps it is a single tactic that helps you organize your company for faster success. Any individual EPX element has the power to drive a significant ROI for you and your business.

Do you have what it takes to join this elite community?

PS. Your business, your freedom and your spirit of adventure will thank you.