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The Next Great Sport

First there was windsurfing. Then kiteboarding. Now it’s our pleasure to introduce what’s next. The EPX Jet Surfboard by Radinn can propel you quietly past icebergs, down lakes, up rivers and into canyons at 30 knots with its silent, electric motor.

The best thing? It was born here. Within our membership.

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Plug and play

Custom engineered down to the fasteners. There's simply no other product like it. Our efficient jet-system; the board's fluid dynamic design; the water-proof remote; our brushless electric motor - all crafted with unparalleled attention to detail.

Wireless Remote to set your own speed limit.

Set your own speed with our water-proof handheld remote. The light-guide will let you know how much battery you have when out riding. It even starts vibrating to remind you when to head back to shore.

This is the most advanced JetBoard of its kind. Reach speeds of nearly 58 kmh in near silence. No need for messy oil changes or maintenance. Just head out and enjoy this brand new sport without the need of wind, waves or a boat.

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EPX JetBoard Experiences

EPX members enjoy some of the coolest experiences on the planet and where there’s water, we bring our boards. Check out some of the amazing locations where we’ll be riding like a fleet of Valkyries through ice, canyons and more!

Raising Arizona

Imagine the Grand Canyon half-way filled up with water. Canyon walls ¼ mile high on both sides no wider than a car. Now imagine cruising through Lake Powell, standing up on an EPX JetBoard.

Greek Odyssey

Cruise in and out of magical islands, beaches and caves alongside a fleet of catamarans through the crystal clear waters of the Greek Isles! What could be better?

Exploring Antarctica

Ride alongside seals and whales around mountain-sized icebergs in one of the most remote landscapes on planet earth.

“There’s nothing like this. Every member is growing their social and business network and experiencing life at levels they weren’t before. It’s priceless.”

Blake Menefee


“If you’re a player in EO, YPO, Landmark, Tiger21 or any other business network, you HAVE to be part of this group. This group is smart, fun and the experiences are unforgettable.”

Tonya Lanthier


“There’s magic on every trip – the intersection between the location, the experience and the caliber of people. Indispensable in life and business. And so much FUN.”

Michael Nowotarski