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August 17, 2017

The premise of experiential networking is that if you take a bunch of talented entrepreneurs and expose them to a monumental experience, the level of bonding will be so great that both friendships and business opportunities will easily be forged going forward.

EPX was built around this concept because it has held true over and over and over. As founder and CEO, almost all of my coveted relationships have been initiated with other high-quality individuals at places like Necker Island, The Grand Prix, Burning Man, the Sahara or the side of Mount Everest. It works.

But EPX is as much a technology company as it is a community. We use data and different technical platforms to facilitate some of the greatest value in business networking and travel.

For example, EPX collects data on member skill sets across a full range of business-driving capabilities so that we can match people based on their business needs to another member who has the contacts, skills or capabilities necessary to move the needle for that peer.

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We use tagging and online video to enable members to teach each other something valuable that they can immediate apply to their business allowing them to move faster towards business or leadership success.

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We use maps, IM and our own algorithms to facilitate introductions for members with similar social overlays as well as experiential tendencies. It allows us to create bonds faster and also match-make members who can help each other in business and who have similar social interests to the right kind of experience that will accelerate that relationship in many, many ways.

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Technology is not a substitute for walking on the edge of cliffs in the Himalayas, crossing the Sahara Desert in 4×4’s or going to space in a Russian MIG but it can accelerate and facilitate what matters most in business – contacts, advice and friendships.

The EPX experiential networking platform offers groundbreaking tools that bring entrepreneurs and explorers  together. And when we get together, face to face in some magical place, relationships strengthen and opportunity grows exponentially. Apply here and live the experiential networking life with EPX Worldwide.

-Paul Kirchoff

CEO, EPX Worldwide

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