4 killer productivity apps to help you crush your day

April 07, 2017

You’re always on the go and you need tech that can not only keep up but can also help you out. We’ve searched the interwebz high and low and found a few apps that can help you crush your day and boost your productivity.

MIndly is a great productivity app


Are you a more creative thinker? Mindly is the perfect brainstorming, an idea-forming app for people who can’t deal with bullet points. Mind map your projects, collaborate with your team, and store ideas for upcoming projects all in one place.

Productivity apps like EasilyDo help with scheduling and tasks


When you’re constantly on the go it can be hard to keep track of everything you’ve got going on. Enter EasilyDo. This app lets you consolidate contacts, events, social posts, trip reservations, reminders, and to-dos all in one place. Congratulate your friend on Facebook for securing funding for their new company, secure your travel arrangements and leave on time for lunch with Mom. It’s a personal assistant in your pocket.

Doodle is a productivity app for scheduling


Always wasting time trying to find a meeting time that works for everyone on your team? Doodle is here to help by incorporating seamlessly with your calendar and making it easier for groups, both large and small, to pick a date and time that works for everyone. No more mile-long email chains and no more texts-for-days.

Pryvate is a productivity app that can help you secure information


Do you find that text is one of your main modes of communication? Privacy and security are two of the biggest issues threatening message apps right now. If you want to keep your messages safe and secure then Pryvate is the way to go. Keep your ideas, pictures, comments and videos safe and use the time you used to spend worrying for something better like going on an EPX expedition.

So, now that we’ve saved you some time, money and worry–go forth!

Did we miss anything really rad? Make sure to let us know!

**Note: We have not been paid to recommend any of these apps, links to each platform were provided for convenience**

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