EPX (pronounced Ep-Ex)

is an incredible, highly social business network for achievers, explorers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals who want to accelerate their success, build powerful relationships with other talented, like-minded individuals and, when time and money allows, adventure the planet.

A Powerful Network

Imagine being surrounded by peers as talented and successful as you with plenty of time to connect professionally and personally, online or on each and every trip.

Your social and business network grows immensely with far more power than exchanging business cards at some convention. Our members are anything but normal. They are intelligent. They are interesting. They are game changers. They are humble and grounded. They know the sacrifices it takes to be successful and the importance of living a vibrant, exciting life.

Faster Success

The patent-pending EPX platform allows our elite members to connect and accelerate success in many, many ways.

Need help with digital marketing or building culture? We’ll connect you with other members who have that expertise! Need to raise money for a venture? We’ll help you do that too!

EPX is a high octane business and experiential networking platform that also incorporates virtual meetups, exciting events and spectacular adventures around the world.

The magic that happens when relationships, networking and experiences come together is transformational. And we can’t wait to see the transformation in your business, career and in your life!

Epic Experiences

Trek across the Sahara. Party inside a million year old glacier. Listen to opera at Machu-Picchu. Grab a cup of coffee, a laptop and meetup with other bad asses from around the world.

The experiences our world provides are both endless and priceless. We line them up and when enough superstars want to crush it, we make it happen.


“There’s nothing like this. Every member is growing their social and business network and experiencing life at levels they weren’t before. It’s priceless.”

Blake Menefee


“If you’re a player in EO, YPO, Landmark, Tiger21 or any other business network, you HAVE to be part of this group. This group is smart, fun and the experiences are unforgettable.”

Tonya Lanthier


“There’s magic on every trip – the intersection between the location, the experience and the caliber of people. Indispensable in life and business. And so much FUN.”

Michael Nowotarski