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Helicoptering Everest. Crossing the Sahara. Yacht parties at the Monaco Grand Prix. Create your next opportunity while you build your social and business network with the coolest achievers on the planet amongst the world’s most exciting experiences.

EPX is an community dedicated to accelerating each other’s success and living an exciting life.

We are experiential networking. This is where opportunity knocks and the spirit of adventure lives.

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Nothing accelerates business success like a powerful, trusted relationship. And nothing serves up trusted relationships faster than experiencing something amazing with people who inspire you.

British Special Forces Experience

Get out of here! What? What?!!! Holy !@#$^%! Perhaps the most amazing experience of the year! Get ready to be trained by the United Kingdom’s...

Machu Picchu & the Inca Trail

In 2019 we swap out the Himalayas with the Inca Trial in the Andes. And guess where we’re going? That’s right… Machu Picchu! But...

EPX Annual White Party @ SXSW

This is it. You asked for one easy event for everyone in EPX to come and meet each other and this is it. This is the big one where...

“There’s nothing like this. Every member is growing their social and business network and experiencing life at levels they weren’t before. It’s priceless.”

Blake Menefee


“If you’re a player in EO, YPO, Landmark, Tiger21 or any other business network, you HAVE to be part of this group. This group is smart, fun and the experiences are unforgettable.”

Tonya Lanthier


“There’s magic on every trip – the intersection between the location, the experience and the caliber of people. Indispensable in life and business. And so much FUN.”

Michael Nowotarski